Jamie Cross - Ba Hons Graphic Design - University of Portsmouth - up646865

Here is the time elapse video of the artists at the head jam event.

On the 8th of June 2013, Strong Island and My Dog Sighs presented the Head Jam, where many street artists came to paint the courtyard walls of Head Hairdressing on Albert Road. Artists included Snik, Wah Graff, Id-iom, Korporate Kaine, Process Smith and My Dog Sighs. These are some of the photo’s Strong Island’s, Tristan Savage took after the event.

Graffiti in the Southsea area isn’t really frowned upon, it’s almost embraced. There are obviously social rules and common sense as to where people should do it, but all the locals, especially the residents of Albert Road see it as a form of art as well as something that brings the community together.

Poster Copyright © Strong Island 

All other images Copyright © Tristan Savage

Using the photos I took and added the filters, I thought I’d design one of my own posters to promote Portsmouth, just like the one’s I saw in the museum. I thought that now the Spinnaker tower is a national landmark, the Poster doesn’t need text saying where the location is, the image almost tells you itself.

A very interesting documentary made by Strong Island Media. They follow the Portsmouth based designer and artist My Dog Sighs. Lots of amazing stuff created including his unique faces and characters painted and spray painted on tin cans.

A very interesting documentary made by Southsea’s Strong Island Media. It follows the Portsmouth based designer and artist, My Dog Sighs around London showcasing some of his recent work.

After looking at ilovedust i fount one of their brand designs to practised my freehand drawing and recreated the design with my fineliner. After i completed this i was hoping to then design my own brand idea in a simliar style but i never managed to get around to it. This may seem a bit like i was copying the design but i was only seeing how the construction of the design worked and how i would go about using this sort of drawing technique to design my own graphic. I gained nothing by recreating the logo other than the understanding of the technique.

Continuing with the T-shirt ideas, i then experimented with my posters i created in February. Once again i asked some of my peers about what they thought worked well with the clothing. A few of them loved the sky as there were no clouds as well as the use of filters on the images. They also said that they would buy the tees if they were on sale as it would be a nice thing to have and relate to as its their university city.

With my earlier designs from my booklet and poster. I used the postcode logos i made and also put them on shirts to see what they looked like. I think they look pretty good. I posted the photo of these on Instagram and hashtagged southsea and then Strong Island Clothing liked the post as well as commented asking if they could consider it as a future design for their upcoming clothing range. It’s amazing how opportunities can suddenly arise through social media.

Since there is a lot of ‘hipster’ and fashion around Portsmouth and Southsea, i thought that i’d try my poster designs on some tshirt templates that i made. A lot of these simple styled slogan Tee’s are sold in Topman or Burton making them common but also effective. I asked a few of my peers what they thought of the shirts and they really liked them. They also said that they would consider buying one if they saw it for sale as it would be a souvenir and something to relate to with the local area just like the Strong Island Tee’s.

These are some posters i made after looking at ‘hipster’ styles in design, as well as the styles they use at Strong Island. I tried to involve some themes from Southsea, e.g the beach, bicycles and sun etc. Even though theres not much colour they seem effective with the pure white and almost summery feel.

These are just some Hipster style logo’s for the postcodes in Southsea. Expanding on the idea of the Southsea Bronx branding, i know that there is a bit of competition between Southsea, Fratton and Langstone. Having lived in Southsea for the past year, I like to think that i’m a Southsea resident, and with these designs on either T-shirt, sticker or hoodie, i can sort of show the pride. The logo is quite simplistic but is still very strong whether its a black lined style on a white or light couloured top or like the designs above with the white lined logo and dark coloured backgrounds.