Jamie Cross - Ba Hons Graphic Design - University of Portsmouth - up646865

After a successful January issue, i was asked again if i would contribute to the March issue ready for the beginning of the Easter term. I managed to get my hands on 4 articles which are shown above. The Herbal Tea and Sleeping Better articles, i decided to turn the page design into a double page spread whilst using a formal and factual look. This magazine issue was following the theme of relaxing and chilling out, so i felt that a simplistic and powder coloured style would be appropriate. My favourite design out of the articles is definitely the Bioshock game review as i really think i managed to represent the game perfectly by arranging the pictures and text into a style similar to the theme of the game, very futuristic in looks but also aged or vintaged in aesthetics.

The cover was illustrated by Will Holdsworth.

  • 10 March 2013